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To cultivate the habit of reading and to provide a stimulating environment of studies, we have a well equipped and well managed library. It is compulsory for students to read at least two extra good books in a month. The reading material of the library is divided in to three sections viz Periodical section, Reference section and General section. All sections are full of qualitative reading material.

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Class Room
The class rooms are spacious, well ventilated with plenty of space for the Students and teachers to move around and interact.

Well stocked libraries in the Senior Block and the Junior Block provide reading and reference facilities on a variety of subjects. These go a long way in reinforcing what the students learn in the class room . The accession of latest books on Sciences, Art, Computers, Humanities, Social Studies, Languages, General Knowledge, Environment etc. is a continuous and ongoing processs.

Computer Lab
The school has a well equipped Computer lab having eighteen advanced systems with networking and broadband internet facility on each system along with laser printing. The bonafide students of the school will have to work individually on the system.

Other Laboratories
The school has a well equipped composite laboratory for Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs with all modern equipment and technologies. A provision for separate labs has been kept in our expansion plans.

Stamford encourages a healthy balance of work and play. Students are encouraged to experience the challenge and reward of sport, spirit of participation and pursuit of excellence through the diverse sports programme available at the school.
Qualified and competent instructors manage the sports department.
All students are required to develop their physical abilities as well as their personal leadership skills through the school's challenging physical development programme - physical education, interscholastic and intramural sports. Students learn invaluable lessons in mental strength and concentration, physical conditioning and coordination, strategic and tactical planning and, of course, teamwork. Studies have shown that youngsters who participate in athletics regularly tend to outperform their non-participatory peers in academic performance.

Transport and Hostel facility in the school (Hostel Facility is for Senior Wing i;e from 6th to 12th class Students only)

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