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Simply owning the rights to a franchise territory is known as a Master Franchise or Area Representative Franchise. This territory can be either a metropolitan or an entire state.

Master Franchise - A simple term in the business of Franchising but which has made people rich by just sitting at home!! No extra efforts, no additional pains and yet many gains!!

The Master Franchisee assists the Franchisor in the sales and development of the assigned territory in exchange for a share in the FRANCHISE FEES – charged from every new school branch opened in the territory, under his domain. The amount is normally pre-decided and mutually agreed upon by both the Parent Franchise/Franchisor & the Master Franchisee.

Who is a STAMFORD Master Franchisee?

The STAMFORD Master Franchisee buys the rights to market and sell franchises within a specific allotted territory.

With the STAMFORD Group’s Master Franchise, you will be able to tap the potential of hitherto untapped markets. With 150 branches all over India and with plans to expand globally.

Owning a STAMFORD Master Franchise allows you all the benefits of building a franchise network without the risk of starting a new business. Also, the rewards of joining a business that is already a renowned brand in the market are many. With Advertising, Marketing, Training & PR support provided under the direct guidance of professionals with a proven track record in the field of Education , you are sure to scale considerable heights with the Proven Successful STAMFORD Franchise Model. Besides the full support and guidance of STAMFORD Group of Schools, you also benefit from low overhead costs and a proven path to considerable financial rewards and personal satisfaction.

The STAMFORD Group has a strong company policy of accepting only the best in the herd and if accepted, you will be provided the full support and guidance of STAMFORD Group to build and further the STAMFORD Franchise Network in your region.

Before signing on as a master franchisee, we have a number of meetings to relay business information and to give you an opportunity to air any questions or concerns you may have.
For Further information Contact :
SMS your Name,Email ID, Location and School Level(Play School / K12) at (+91 82620 00012)
Franchise Coordinator India(+91 95923 55511)

Stamford International School Franchise
Franchise Head (International

Dr Madhu Aman sharma
+968 97239194 (Oman)
+65 83745904 (Singapore)

Stamford International School International Franchise Management Office:

K2A Management Incorporated Limited
3rd Floor , 207 Regent Street , London, W1B3HH, United Kingdom
Tel: +44 7031926610

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